Spanking During Sex

One of the more acceptable forms of spanking Dear Reader is the quick slap on the ass during sex.  From experience I would highly recommend you know the girl well or at least get the go ahead since I indeed have made the mistake once of slapping a one night stand on the ass and her going absolutely batshit. 

Now while this kind of spanking can be accomplished during most any position the best is of course doggy style.  Oddly this position is males favorite and most female‚Äôs least favorite fucking stance.  Now there are all kinds of reasons for this of course more than what we can go into here. 

In defense of the position from a spanko point of view,  it gives one a lovely view of the bright red bottom that we were indeed spanking not so long ago.  Plus it does give one the opportunity to massage it to get the sting to go away, or of course smack it.  

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