Spanking and Lesbians

Oddly enough Dear Reader, Lesbians just don’t do it for your Humble Narrator.  I know this indeed makes me a odd one among men. But for whatever reason I simply don’t see the point in it.  Now don’t get me wrong Dear Reader.  There is nothing indeed wrong with it.  It is however strangely simply not my cup of tea. 

Now throw some spanking into the mix and it indeed gets interesting.  Particularly if it is indeed an impressively hard spanking.  Which this one is from 1st Choice Spanking.  In fact they seem to have quite a few spanking and fucking video’s on their site.  Now I will have to explore a bit more, of course.  But it seems that they will be a regular feature here.  So enjoy Dear Reader,  and while they may lack the equipment for a good hard fuck, they indeed do the best they can with what they have available

From 1st Choice Spanking
Lesbian Spanking vlcsnap-6218508 Spanking Lesbians Lesbian gets caned Spanking and Fucking Hot lesbians finger each other vlcsnap-6219041 vlcsnap-6222922


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