Spanked and Fingered

Most of the girls I have Spanked, Dear Reader have quite enjoyed fingering themselves while getting their ass spanked.  Personally as a Spanker, if I could I would graft a third arm since I usually have one holding the squirming red bottomed girl, and the other actually doing the spanking.  Had a third been handy then I could happily go about doing the fingering for her. 

Now it really depends on the female your spanking and the location of course.  While whacking one or the other cheeks of course is quite painful and might get the naughty girl in question wet,  I have found though experience you need to spank them right across the middle just above where their thighs and their buttocks meet.  This usually ensures that they will indeed go wild. 

Now there is indeed Pro’s and Cons to this Dear Reader.  On the positive one is left with a happy girl whom now indeed wants to engage in a bit of rolling in the hay.  On the negative well,  eventually the spanking will be stinging enough and they horny enough that they indeed want you to stop spanking them and begin the fucking part!  No way indeed to teach a naughty girl,  but then again these are not punishment spankings we are talking about

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