Sex And Spanking With Kailee And Seth


Title: Sex and Spanking With Kailee and Seth

Starring: Kailee Robinson, Seth McCallister

Produced By: Tony Elka

Written by Kailee and Seth

Directed By: Eve Howard

Distributed by: Video Spanking

Runtime: 30.25

Price: $5.95 for a 7 day rental Protected WMV Format, $14.95 for lifetime, also available though purchase of minutes.



Well Dear Reader I simply could not resist.  The lovely Kailee Robinson known for receiving  many a hard spanking making her hardcore debut.  But would would Fucking be without a little spanking to warm the girl up.  And knowing Kailee the spanking will indeed not be a cake walk!

Shadowlane has kindly decided to bring this title to the masses, though streaming.  While of course DVD is the best way to view Kailee’s spanking and sex debut not all of us can afford to have physical media lying around for nosy people to look at.  So today I give you the review of Sex and Spanking With Kailee and Seth

vlcsnap-129266 Our tale begins with a lovers quarrel.  Seth is indeed upset concerning Kailee’s flirting at the bar the previous night.  He is concerned and he should be!  for anyone dating this beautiful girl should be on the lookout for other potential suitors!  The Quarrel does not last very long since Seth decides on giving Kailee a good hard spanking to deter such behavior in the future.

Kailee soon finds herself over his knee with bottom that sank 1000 ships oh so slightly raised in order to give her spanker a good target for his hand.   His first and subsequent slaps upon her Buttocks are quite hard.  Not the hardest spanking I have seen her recieve but then again this is Kailee we are talking about.  vlcsnap-131860

Our Hipster Seth wastes no time in making our gal lift up her skirt and pull her little black panties down for some bare ass spanking.  The spanking quickly makes an impression on our girl.  Holding her down across his knee there is little dialog between bottom smackings.  Seth does not give her any break with short hard methodical blows to her reddening ass.  Kailee does not put up much of a fight as we have seen in the past instead gritting her teeth and taking her punishment like a good girl. 

For what he might lack in strength our hipster more than makes up with stamina and skill.  He keeps a constant tempo of spanking for a good 10 minutes with little break.  In addition he is quite good at upping the anti by spanking her at that oh so sensitive spot where the thigh meets the buttocks.  Kailee is soon writhing as the spanking continues. 

Kailee Spanked Kailee Robinson getting a spanking vlcsnap-136206 Bare Ass spanking

The last 3 or 4 minutes of the hand spanking is indeed quite hard with our surprising Seth giving Kailee full swing and full strength blows, her body rocking methodically with each smack and making her cry out audibly a number of times.  Kailee mentions that at this point she is sorry and is willing to do anything!

But our seething boyfriend is still not done!  Grabbing a paddle he goes back to punishing her poor bottom and he strikes her with just as much gusto with the paddle as he did with his hand.  Finally getting her to say that she is sorry with some brutal swats the spanking ends about 15 minutes into the movie, leaving another 15 for the sex scene.

Painful Spanking Spanking and Sex

Kailee about to give a blowjob On her knees he removes her clothes and tells her it is time for some dick sucking which Kailee happily complies.  I can indeed see what she sees in Seth because I will say without a doubt the guy is hung.  Even more amusing is the look on the cats face sitting watching this whole thing on the back of the couch.  But that is not the pussy we came here to see!

As we probably all fantasized about she is quite good at giving blowjobs though she could give a little more attention to the tip, but then again her poor boyfriend has to last for Kailee Sucking Cockanother 12 minutes with is about 11 minutes and 45 seconds more than your humble narrator would if such a girl was sucking his dick.

Sitting down on the couch he begins to finger her as she sucks his cock vigorously.  After a bit of logistical movement and finally successfully getting hard (who the hell doesn’t get hard banging Kailee?  I’m hard just thinking about it!) he finally gets her on all fours and the steamy sex begins.  Kailee rocks back and fourth doggie style  after a few more slaps to the ass, sends soft ripples as he comes in contact with her behind. 

 Spanking and Blowjob vlcsnap-155469Kailee getting fucked Spanking and sex

She gets on top of him and rides him like a bucking bronco from the ecstasy and the finger he has inserted in her ass.  The rocking becomes more violent as they enjoy each other.  Seth then bends her over on the couch and rocks her world.  As much as the old couch was shaking it is amazing it didn’t collapse. 

 vlcsnap-158194 Kailee gets fucked after sexvlcsnap-160988 vlcsnap-160444

At the pinnacle of climax they both fall on each other exhausted from their ordeal. Seth however has a different  notion.  namely another spanking!  Put back across his knee he a Spanking after Sexloving after sex spanking that many of us enjoy doing to prolong the fun. Kailee naked as a jaybird, satisfied and with her ass burning red.  He spanks her for another 5 minutes or so to end the movie as they embrace and declare their love for each other.  

So did I like it?  Umm YES!  Probably one of the best spanking and sex movies that I have ever seen.  Both Seth and Kailee are excellent though one can never quite figure out what he has in his ear.  It looks as if he stretched out his earlobe and has a ring inside it!  Oww!  But seriously a top notch film from Shadowlane

If your Interested you can find it here at Video Spanking


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